Frozen Birthday Cake – Free Cakes for Kids

This cake was done as part of the Free Cakes for Kids group that I bake for. The spec: Frozen – she especially loves Elsa.

I looked online for some inspiration, and opted to make Elsa using a cake topper / cut out. When I looked for cake toppers, I thought they were over-priced for what they were. I figured I’d buy a birthday card to use but then saw a gift bag for 99p when in Poundstretcher:

Seeing the chance to save some money, I got the bag & made my own topper using kebab sticks

The drip was made with white chocolate and silver lustre dust. I added some sprinkles and edible glitter for the finishing touches, as well as a candle I picked up at Asda for £1

Easter treat boxes

I am going to London for Easter weekend but I am visiting family tomorrow so decided to make some treats to take with me.

I made quite a few things to fill the boxes. Some may say I got carried away again.

Cakesicles and cake truffles. These were all made with vanilla cake, buttercream, sprinkles and white chocolate.

Next up were NYC cookies (vanilla and chocolate) stuffed with chocolate chunks, peanut m&ms, and mini eggs.

There was also lemon cupcakes with lemon icing.

and finally we have chocolate mini egg brownies

I made 4 larger boxes, and two smaller boxes to take to people. I finished them with some Easter chocolate coins I picked up at Asda.

1st Birthday Cake

A family friend sent me a picture & asked if I could do a pink fault line cake “loosely based on this but not exactly the same”.

This was the cake I made:

It was made with 4 layers of vanilla sponge, with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream. The toppers are:
– Strawberry Shortcake Hershey Kisses (1 painted gold)
– White chocolate Lindor (painted gold)
– Home made sugar lollies

I’d never made lollies before, but I had made some sugar “glass” for these stabbed cupcakes a few years back, so I felt comfortable in giving it a go.

I used an “oreo” mold to keep them round and flavoured them with cherry flavouring. Looking back, I should have put the sticks the other way in so they didn’t have the pointy bit inside the lolly.

The final image show sthe inspiration against the actual result.

My Brother’s 40th Birthday Cake

As per the title, my brother celebrated his 40th birthday this month. I made him a cake for his birthday which came to a Family meal (for us to all singe “Happy Birthday” to him) and then it went with him for a further celebration the next day. Thankfully, it seems to have lasted the trips!

The card wasn’t from me, and the balloons had started on top of the cake

I made a rainbow striped cake, with a balloon banner on the top. All went well, except the red buttercream kept pulling out of the cake when I was running the scraper along… very annoying! Still, it turned out as I pictured in my head when I was planning this.

The cake photoshoot (with a black background) – balloons on top

It also looked great set up at his party venue for the Saturday night

I don’t have any pictures of the cake once it had been sliced up, but it was my standard vanilla cake layers with buttercream and strawberry jam. This one was 5 x 8″ cake layers, and a LOT of buttercream!

Striped “practice” cake

I made the above cake as a ‘practice’ for a design I’ll be making next month. I’d not made a striped cake before so this was my first go and I was happy with how it went.

Not clear from the picture is that it was thicker at the bottom than the top on one side (I clearly hold the scraper at an angle without realising it) so that was a good learning!

On the plus side, the buttercream itself was smooth and not all grainy like the last few cakes i had made.

Buttercream Blues

The last couple of cakes I have made really annoyed me as the buttercream kept “splitting” / going grainy and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to be smooth. I tried hacks like adding in a spoonful of melted butter which looked like it made it better, then it just went grainy again. You can see it on the Minecraft I did earlier this month too.

The next time I make a cake, I’m going to be super meticulous in every step to see if I can remedy this. Sadly, I didn’t have the time / energy to re-do buttercreams when I made my dad’s birthday cake this weekend.

Thankfully, my family all thought it was good, but I knew it should have been far better than this. I’m not perfect, but I know my own capabilities and it should have been better than it turned out.

The plus side – it was still edible 🙂

Free Cakes for Kids

I had the opportunity to bake another cake as part of the “Free Cakes for Kids” group that I am a part of – this time for a child turning 14 on Christmas Day. All I knew was that she liked pinks, purples, flowers and butterflies.

This was my creation… hooray for cake toppers from Amazon!

Minecraft Birthday Cake

It was my eldest Niece’s 8th Birthday last week, and my Sister-in-law suggested Minecraft as the theme.

The icing was a tad gritty – I’m not sure what went wrong there, but overall it went well.

The toppers were all made from fondant, and took FOREVER to do (it took me 90 minutes to do the TNT and pig!!)

She enjoyed it though, which is all that counts in the end!

Birthday Brownies

t was my husband’s 40th Birthday last month and we went to Las Vegas to celebrate his actual birthday. For the last Pub Quiz before we headed out, I baked some brownies to make a brownie stack for him.

I made a batch of chocolate brownie mix and filled the pan, then topped each quarter with a different topping:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Oreo Crumbs & Toffee Sauce
  • Biscoff Spread

Once baked, I let the brownies cool in the pan, before chopping them into 16 pieces

The cubes were then stacked on a board, using a little frosting to hold the tower together. I finished it off with a fondant “Happy Birthday” on the front and the gold “Happy Birthday” cake topper.

“Charity” Bakes

Another couple of cakes that I’ve done recently with the group I bake for (Free Cakes for Kids).

The first was for a little boy having a “spooky” birthday party over Halloween weekend. I got asked for chocolate and told he likes skeletons:

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, coated in chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream

Next up is not as picturesque, but the group also bake for a community cafe where our group makes cakes for the event every fortnight. I’ve done 3 of these in the past where I did a chocolate loaf cake, carrot cake, and red velvet cake. Last Saturday was my turn again, so I did a Victoria Sponge.