Comic Book / Cartoon Cake

These were all over my Instagram Feed well over a year ago, so I am late to the trend. I didn’t have an excuse to make one, as all the cakes I was doing last year were specific requests so I had no creative license to give it a try.

All that said, I had a spare layer of chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream in my freezer from a charity cake I did last month. I used my Sister in Law’s birthday this week as an excuse to make a Comic Book cake for her.

If I am being fussy, the fondant is too soft and no where near neat enough, but I was ecstatic with the result for a first try frankenstein cake

The inside of the cake was chocolate overload and held together with kebab skewers to try stop it from falling apart. Not bad given it was made from “spare” cakes.

It was really fun to make a cake “just because I wanted to”.