Happy Birthday to Me

I don’t usually make myself a birthdy cake, but I had an idea for a cake and decided to use my birthday as an excuse to make it:

It started by making 4 x 4″ layers of “brown butter” sponges:

They were then filled with a biscoff buttercream and caramel:

I stacked them using a kebab stick to hold them central (and then added more when chilling):

After allowing to chill / set up a bit, I coated in a ganache made from White chocolate, White chocolate hazelnut spread, and cinnamon:

the cake was then coated with crumbled Biscoff biscuits, drizzled with melted Biscoff spread, and topped with more buttercream and crumbled cookies.

Because the cake was so soft, it had started to lean when I had stacked it and to counter this I ended up coating it in extra thick ganache – this shows on the cut through picture above!

I cut the cake into as many portions as I could and have been giving it out to friends and family the last couple of days.

I tried to be sensible and have limited myself to one BIG slice, but honestly that’s the most I think I can manage 🤤

Free Cakes for Kids

I’ve posted before about baking for “Free Cakes for Kids” and this is the most recent one I made.

The request was simply for “Baby pink cake with cute bows” so this was what I came up with.

Mum’s birthday cake

I thought I had posted this last month, but it was still in drafts!

It was my Mum’s 65th birthday, so I used the excuse to make her a birthday cake. 4″ layers, coated in a white chocolate ganache:

It had my usual cake filling of vanilla buttercream with strawberry jam. The geometric hearts were filled with a cake truffle made from the offcuts of the cake layers.

Happy birthday Mama!!