Geometrc Heart Cake Truffles

Since I bought my ganache kit, I’ve started to trim my cake layers using a cake ring which is something that I never used to do. This results in cake offcuts that I don’t just want to eat, nor do I want to waste them. I’ve taken to making cake-pops and cake truffles with these off-cuts, and recently I’ve been trying to make filled geometric hearts.

The first go of these was practice for a cake I’m making later this week, but I also made some this weekend for a birthday. The image below were some of the practice ones I made then used for Mother’s day

I turn the cake into crumbs and then mix it with buttercream to get the consistency that I want. Once this is done, I’ll coat the silicon mold with melted chocolate or candy melts. I fill the shells, and finish by adding a layer of chocolate to “seal” them.

This week, I tried to do some patterned designs: Blue with daisies, white with gold leaf, and a marble design with gold accents.

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