Retirement Cake

I definitely feel that this is the most professional-looking cake I’ve made to date .

It’s a retirement cake for my mum’s work-friend and I didn’t have any spec other than that.

There some holes in the cake when I removed the wrapping, but these were easily filled in and smoothed over.

the inside of the cake is vanilla cake layers with strawberry jam and buttercream. The outside coating is a white chocolate ganache, gold leaf and cake hearts. The balls and fans are none edible.

I’ve put the finished cake in one of my new fancy cake display boxes too as I had struggled the other week to get my normal cake boxes. I am tempted to just stock up on these for future as they’re so pretty

Bluey Cake

This cake was for a family friend and they sent an inspiration picture of a blue and pink cake. They only asked me to do the cake as they’d got custom topper off of Ebay which made thinsg far easier for me!

This one was buttercream outside, with vanilly and strawberry jam inside. The drip is white chocolate.

Geometrc Heart Cake Truffles

Since I bought my ganache kit, I’ve started to trim my cake layers using a cake ring which is something that I never used to do. This results in cake offcuts that I don’t just want to eat, nor do I want to waste them. I’ve taken to making cake-pops and cake truffles with these off-cuts, and recently I’ve been trying to make filled geometric hearts.

The first go of these was practice for a cake I’m making later this week, but I also made some this weekend for a birthday. The image below were some of the practice ones I made then used for Mother’s day

I turn the cake into crumbs and then mix it with buttercream to get the consistency that I want. Once this is done, I’ll coat the silicon mold with melted chocolate or candy melts. I fill the shells, and finish by adding a layer of chocolate to “seal” them.

This week, I tried to do some patterned designs: Blue with daisies, white with gold leaf, and a marble design with gold accents.

“Cookie Monster” Inspired Cake

My husband asked if I’d make a cake for his workmate’s birthday this weekend. He asked me if I could do a cookies and cream cake like my last post, but I had some blue buttercream left over so I asked if I could go rogue and make it Cookie Monster themed. He had no objections.

I think that this is the best go yet with the kit I got from Brigid’s Cake room – only a slight gap in the ganache where I missed an air bubble: which you can see just below the drip on this picture

This time around, I built the cake “upside down” – layering ganache at the bottom of the pan to give it a flat top once it was set and flipped around. I alternated layers of vanilla and Oreo cake with vanilla buttercream. I chose to add the ganache as I added each layer of cake:

I was over the moon with how shiny the ganache was on this one when I took the liner off the cake:

I finished this cake with remaining buttercream, and a combination of Oreos, mini Oreos, and Maryland mini cookies.

As they say, “Practice makes perfect” and I’ve been enjoying my opportunities to practice.