“Cookie Monster” Inspired Cake

My husband asked if I’d make a cake for his workmate’s birthday this weekend. He asked me if I could do a cookies and cream cake like my last post, but I had some blue buttercream left over so I asked if I could go rogue and make it Cookie Monster themed. He had no objections.

I think that this is the best go yet with the kit I got from Brigid’s Cake room – only a slight gap in the ganache where I missed an air bubble: which you can see just below the drip on this picture

This time around, I built the cake “upside down” – layering ganache at the bottom of the pan to give it a flat top once it was set and flipped around. I alternated layers of vanilla and Oreo cake with vanilla buttercream. I chose to add the ganache as I added each layer of cake:

I was over the moon with how shiny the ganache was on this one when I took the liner off the cake:

I finished this cake with remaining buttercream, and a combination of Oreos, mini Oreos, and Maryland mini cookies.

As they say, “Practice makes perfect” and I’ve been enjoying my opportunities to practice.

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