First Birthday: Hey Bear Cake

The final cake post today was a cake I did for my friends’ daughter’s first birthday. A “Hey Bear” themed cake…

I had never heard of Hey Bear, but looking it seems to be Sensory videos for babies of cute looking fruits & veg dancing to music. Queue the idea of making some of these from fondant to adorn a basic cake.

Simple in idea, but the execution was a tad more difficult due to the intricacies of the detail on each. That said, I was happy with how they turned out!

The cake went down well too – I was sent a pic of the very little cake left:

90th Birthday

I was asked to make some cupcakes for the 90th birthday of a workmate’s mother. 36 cupcakes requested:

The flavours I made were:
12 x vanilla
12 x Lemon
6 x Chocolate
6 x Banana

I made the toppers a few days before. They were made from fondant and sprayed with a little bit of pearl lustre spray to give them the glittery finish

I was happy with how they all turned out!

Charity Baking

I recently joined up to a group that bakes cakes for families who may otherwise not be able to afford / gain one for their children.

I did my first cake for a child last week. I was told it was for a three year old who liked Peppa Pig and cats. I aimed high…

Peppa Pig Cake