About Me


Hi there! I’m Kay-Leigh and this is a very basic site dedicated to my baking hobby. I used to try use Blogger to chronicle my bakes but I wanted something that was just a little more appealing to the eye. I’m going to try update this site as much as I can with my historical baking expeditions, as well as keeping the site up to date with anything I have been up to recently. You'll find all that out on the blog section.


About me? I’m in my thirties, I am married without children and no intention of having any. I had a bulldog called Taco for 11 years, but sadly he died this year. If you want to see more of him there’s a load of photos on my Instagram account (Taco that is, there’s not many pictures of my husband on there).


I’ve been a hobby baker for a few years and have no yearnings at all to do this professionally – it can be stressful enough making things as a favour to people (so hats off to all of the professionals out there)!


I tend to Instagram stalk a few bakers. My favourites are:


I've added a blog page on the menu above so you can take a look at more of my bakes. I'll do my best to add some older posts from my old blog, but it may take a while.